When I lock in to take a shot the air around me becomes subtlety still. Although the sounds of the city street can be seemingly distracting, they quickly drown out in a moments notice, but without my notice. 

While the world around me freezes in time all I could feel was the cool spring breeze flowing through my braids and suddenly the weight of the camera/lens in my hand became weightless. 

In front of me was a simple lightbulb, what was it about this lightbulb that caught my attention and caused my abrupt stop? Most times I never know. Maybe it’s the dim lightness on the edges of the glass or maybe the way it complimented the gleaming sunset behind it. Yet without consciously thinking about it I dial in my settings to match the mood and take aim.

For that split moment before taking the shot I feel truly at peace.

Then, just as quickly as it arrived the feeling retreats as I release the shutter.

The world around me returns to normal.

I look back to study the shot, unimpressed and rarely satisfied, my curiosity and urge to take the next shot increases while I venture on in search of the next.


I keep few people close to me, and speak very little these days. As a creative I unknowingly realized that this may be my greatest attribute. With the many people I’ve met doing photography and shooting videos It caused me to study people’s emotions more, habits, characteristics, and the manner in which they converse.  Surprisingly It also made we want to converse even less. I eventually came to the conclusion that I’d much rather talk to someone about their passions, ambitions, and drive more than anything, Which made it difficult to talk to people without any.

How ignorant of me.

To shy someone away simply because they don’t think or move the way I do? Being subject to this kind of ridicule often growing up, it disgusted me to think that I could ever become that kind of person.  Yes it’s true not everyone will have these traits, or even want them but I’ll always personally believe (I mean I’ve seen it with my own eyes) that having a passion in life can lead you to great things, whether it’s money, happiness, or peace of mind. That’s an entry for another day though.


A courtesy to which circumstance? 

Surely you can’t expect me adhere to everyone’s comforts. Do I give off such a welcoming aura that it’s confused for kindness, that it could make someone feel such confidence to critique and doubt me in an undoubtedly situation. 

Nevertheless these circumstances seem to rather motivate me. How strange that the very thing to cause such a copious amount of annoyance became an ability in a way. I’ve learned to channel such emotions towards more productive things. How this’ll turn out for me who knows. If such practices prove to be detrimental to one’s character I’d have to adjust as necessary.

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